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"Those wings were fallin' off the bone good.  My only change would be more spice!"

"That punch is freakin' awesome!!!"

"We have had some really nice meals from Table Of 5 over the last few months but I must say the dinner we had last night was OUTSTANDING…the best so far. The only problem was that I ate too much."


Quote of the month from attendee at MRTA lunch where onsite grilled KC Strips were served as the entree...."I do not know who you are but you are good!!  Those steaks were awesome!!  Great job!"

"Oh my you really can cut their prime rib with a plastic fork. "  Missouri State Fair Foundation dinner attendee comment.

"We travel to alot of areas being an Airstreamer.  Your company was the best we had thus far.  The Iowa chops were incredible."

Eating your German pot roast made me think I was sitting at my Grandmothers....thank you for helping me was delicious."  - RVEscapee attendee

Those baked apples were delicious! 


Thank you.

Just wanted to thank you for the great food. I didn't have a sandwich (I don't like tuna salad, but know I'm in the minority), but everyone else said the tuna salad and buns were excellent. They were several people who ate a full sandwich. The fruit bowl was very appealing, as was the relish tray and both earned rave reviews. I mentioned that you used some wild onion from your yard in the homemade dip and several people commented that they could taste it! Thanks for working me in with such short notice. I don't think I could have done it without your help! ..Linda F.

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you thank you for the lovely meal on Thursday night for our rehearsal dinner.  I will definitely recommend you to others for you wonder food.  All were very pleased that ate with us.  Thanks again for everything.
Cheryl M.

These Ribs are really do you do that?

- attendee at MRTA dinner

"Thank you so much for catering our daughter's wedding reception in Warrensburg.  The guests were pleased with the beautiful display of food.  They enjoyed the home made rolls, sampling the variety of sauces and the fruit carving.  I'm so glad that I did not have to worry about anything and I'm glad that I decided that you stay for the two hours!"  - Kent and Carol Wood

"Cannot thank you enough for the perfect evening.  It was the most enjoyable gathering we have had.  The pizza was awesome and your attention to each person attending was awesome. Everyone there thought the evening was so much fun and comfortable.  Thank you for the delightful evening.  It was a great 75th birthday celebration."

"That chocolate cake is outstanding.  It is so rich and moist."

"The food was excellent.  Thank You so much.  You all are spot on!  Excellent Job."  Father of the Groom, December Wedding

"The food was really good!  The bread pudding was fantastic!"  Breakfast Luncheon for Missouri Retired Teachers 

Thank you note - "Many thanks for your delicious food"  Becky S.
"The pork was delicious.  It was seasoned to perfection.  Thank you!"  Guest at Sorensen wedding and anniversary celebration.
"I recently went to an event which was held in a very nice hotel.  The food did not hold a candle to yours.  Yours was very good!"  Guest at Sorensen wedding and anniversary celebration

"Delicious food, ample quantities."  Carolyn Bauer, Starline, Inc.

“Many thanks for a great evening of food and fun. . .I look forward to your services again, soon I hope!”  Susan Mergen, Center for Human Services

“Everything went very well.  The food was great and I also appreciated you staying there the entire time.  Thanks can't wait to use you again.”  Mary Treuner, PTA President Heber Hunt Elementary School.

“Table of 5 Catering did an outstanding job on my Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary party!  The food was excellent and warm, even down to the yummy rolls.  Setup and cleanup were awesome and I didn't have to worry about a thing...get the lasagna. It’s AWESOME!!! The price was right for what was delivered!  Thanks!”  Angie

Baked Potato Fundraiser - Duke Mfg.  " This is the best baked potato I think I have ever had....delicious"